Solutions for the Retail Environment that are aimed at turning the encounter between brands and consumers into memorable experiences.


case studies.


A display that employs advanced principles
or robotics to provide an amazing product
experience at the point of sale.

Quem disse, Berenice?

An innovative merchandising system
to mark the transition from brand stores
onto the competitive drugstore market.


A Concept Store that blends service
and experience around a new form of
interaction with the consumers.


A global program that started in
Brazil and catapulted the brand
to a whole new level.

From a sketch to dozens of installed locations, we build stories of success for our clients.

about us.

Founded in 2010 as a small office of design and program management, today Exhimia is a reference amongst the main companies of the retail sector in Brazil.

A result of the vision and experience of its two founding partners, our holistic and specialized approach, that combines innovation with practicality, creativity with technical assertiveness, responsiveness with attention to detail is today followed and complemented by the inspiration, dedication and discipline of a team of 40 professionals, all highly qualified and ready for the toughest challenges.


The consumer wants to be loyal to a brand. For that, more than a quality product, with good design and state of the art technology, a loyal consumer seeks in a brand the reflexion of his/her own identity, a symbol of status, acceptance and belonging in a collective social context.

The retail environment is the final means in which this identification takes place, and Retail Design is the key to make the connection between brand and consumer a memorable experience. To create and implement the resources that enhance this experience is our mission at EXHIMIA.

A team that is custom-made to your challenge: innovative, intelligent, objective and always readyCome meet with us!


Rua Abílio Borin, 35
Galpão 6 | Jardim Caravelas
São Paulo, SP | BRASIL

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